Dr. Linda Lara-Jacobo, MSc, PhD

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Toxicologist expert in Toxicogenomics, Environmental Epidemiology, and Sustainability.

I am also interested in Science Policy, Science Diplomacy, and Science Consultant.

A Bit About Me

I am a Scientist with experience in Toxicology, Toxicogenomics (OMICS)Environmental Epidemiology, and Sustainability. Teaching and Mentoring experience, Scientific fieldwork in the Lacandon Rain Forest, Cloud Forest, Boreal Forest, Epidemiology Research in Latin America indigenous communities and Scientific Consultant in sustainability. A strong advocate for diversity in STEM, I am a member of Cientifico Latino, Women Leaders in STEM (US-Mexico Leaders Network), Geeky Latinas, and the Chair of OWSD: National Chapter Mexico (UNESCO program). I have worked on Agenda 2030 for the Sustainable Development Goals as Ambassador of My World Mexico and ExpertSDG (SDSN). Also, I am passionate about the fight against Climate Change, and I am a Climate Reality Leader and Mentor (Al Gore Training). Scientific advisor for the Science Diplomacy Network for Latin America and the Caribbean (DiploCientifica), a Volunteer for the Science & Policy Exchange (Canada), and a Co-Chair of the Career & Networking and Learning & Exploration in Science Diplomacy group of the National Science Policy Network (USA).

My recent achievements include winning the Merit Award for the Hispanic Women of the Year 2021 (professional category) and being selected to take part in an expedition to Antarctica with 99 other women, in which we will observe the effects of climate change on this region and bolster the representation of women in science leadership through the Homeward Bound program #TeamHB6.